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                                                                                       THIERS JUMELAGE FESTIVAL 2019

                   TWINNING FESTIVAL BRIDGNORTH 2018

  Visit to Pitchford Hall, Shropshir, during the Twinning Festival weekend 21st to 24th September 2018.

Visitors from our twin towns of Thiers and Schrobenhausen enjoying an afternoon of music, and exploration of the house and grounds of Pitchford Hall with their hosts from Bridgnorth.

Schrobenhausen Burgermeister, Karlheinz Stephan, presenting a gift to Bridgnorth Deputy Mayor, councillor Jean Onions in recognition of 26 years of friendship between the two towns.

Highley Primary, St Leonard's & Endowed School Banners: 2018 Theme.. LEGENDS

June 2017
Presentation of gifts from Bridgnorth Town Council and the Bridgnorth & District Twinning Association by the mayor councillor Ron Whittle and Twinning president Lindy Macdonald, to the Burgermister of Schrobenhausen, in recognition of the 30 years partnership between Thiers and Schrobenhausen & 25 years with Bridgnorth.
June 2017.
Celebration of Twinning between Bridgnorth, Schrobenhausen, Thiers & Perg.
June 2017
Traditional Bavarian entertainment at the 2017 Schrannenfest by the Schrobenhausen Wind Orchestra.
2017 Highley Primary School Banner

2017 Bridgnorth & District Arts Society

2017 St Leonard's Primary School

2017 Individual Pupils: Alice Wood & Becky

2017 Bridgnorth Endowed School

2017 Thiers Street Banner Festival


The Bridgnorth & District Twinning Association were invited by Thiers to contribute six painted banners to be displayed in Thiers' town centre from June until October 2016. 

St Leonard's Primary School, St John's Primary School, Highley Primary School, the Endowed School, the 1st Bridgnorth Guides and the Bridgnorth & District Arts Association each agreed to paint a banner. The 2 metre by 1 metre blank plastic banners were supplied by Thiers and the Twinning Association contributed towards the cost of acrylic paint.

The theme for this year is "Plaisirs et Gourmandises", translated as "Enjoyment of Food".

A total of 80 artists were involved with ages ranging from 4 years to 85 years and the results of their endeavour are shown below.