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Thiers New Town Council

Posted by Bridgnorth Twinning on September 19, 2020 at 6:30 AM

There has been a major change of Council Members and Mayor in Thiers:

Following seven years as mayor, Claude Nowotny’s communist party has been

replaced by a non political organisation called Generation Thiers, with new mayor

Stephane Rodier.

Isabelle, who becomes a deputy mayor, explained that

“most members of the new Town Council have never been involved in politics,

what gathers us is our love of Thiers and our desire to make it feel and look better!”


What a great achievement for a town council to discard political bickering and to

concentrate on the important work of improving and enhancing the town!

Well done residents of Thiers!

We are please to hear that Claude will still be involved with Twinning in his capacity

as President. He is a strong supported of Twinning and was deeply involved with all

aspects of the Thiers Jumelage Committee, being present at every event organised

locally and internationally, over his seven years as the Mayor of Thiers. 



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