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Continued Friendship

Posted by Bridgnorth Twinning on November 10, 2015 at 7:40 AM

The Association of Twinning Organisations pre-dates the European Union and is not politically motivated. It was set up in 1947 to promote friendship and harmony amongst nations, and twinning links have been made between most countries of the world. Bridgnorth's town twinning relationships with its partner towns of Thiers, France and Schrobenhausen, Germany are enshrined in charters signed by the respective mayors and town clerks.


Since the beginning of twinning in Bridgnorth thirty-six years ago, when six coaches, packed with three hundred residents, including a coach loaded with the Sealed Knot Militia from Worcester and their armour many strong friendships have been forged between the three Twin Towns that exist today.


Both Thiers and Schrobenhausen have geographical similarities with Bridgnorth. Both towns are positioned in rural areas surrounded by beautiful countryside, within easy access to other interesting and historic towns, including cities such as Munich, or Nuremburg, in Germany, and Clermont Ferrand, or Lyon, in France.


Schrobenhausen has a fine railway complex and friendships have already been made between rail enthusiasts, including two that have attics brimming with rare model railways. It is the main German town for the cultivation of Spargel (white asparagus). The town wall and moat date back to the 15th century.


Thiers is a vibrant town that, as Bridgnorth, has a medieval history, with a similar “low” and “high” town structure. It was the centre of cutlery manufacture for Europe and a number of factories still exist along the slopes of the Durolle river valley. As Bridgnorth, the manufacturing base has been replaced by tourism. However, you can still see the medieval architecture and visit the cutlery factories on board a small tourist train.


Twinning is no different to many organisations that are faced with non participation on the society’s committee, however that does not reflect the many personal and group friendships that exist with the Twin Towns and continue on an independent basis. I would suggest that a friendship that has lasted for thirty-six years has “stood the test of time”!


As with most things you are rewarded by the effort you are prepared to put in!


M. C. Proudman


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