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Bridgnorth Twinning AGM

Posted by Bridgnorth Twinning on October 17, 2015 at 7:15 AM



Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in College House Annexe, St Leonard’s Close on Thursday 15th October, 2015 at 8.00pm


Jenny Leman gave a welcome to all present.


1. Apologies had been received from J & K Hunt and A Wilson


2. Chairman’s Report (attached)

While Jenny was able to celebrate many positive aspects of the year, she also highlighted that the way ahead for Twinning was not clear due to the difficulty of attracting committee members in general but particularly because, as she spoke, there was no one in line to take on the chairmanship.



3. Minutes of the AGM held on 25th September 2014 at 8pm.

These were taken as read.

Adoption of the minutes was proposed by D Seipel, seconded by H Edwards and agreed by all.



4. The Future of Twinning.

Our President, Keith Marshal,l introduced a time of discussion by posing a number of questions.

What is Twinning about? What does it do? What does it mean to people?

What are we trying to achieve?


Comments were then invited and a wide ranging, interesting discussion followed.

The need for more publicity was stressed and a number of approaches were aired:

1. A regular feature in the local paper should be sought,

2. More use could be made of noticeboards.

3. There is potential for using the Town Council website.

4. An informative leaflet could be produced and either posted through doors or given to people at a market stall for example.. In particular it was felt the Continental Markets that happen from time to time would be excellent opportunities for sharing the Twinning message..

Several comments were made about a Twinning visit being quite different from simply travelling abroad as a tourist. Sharing life with local people and their different ways of doing things is an enriching experience worth sharing. One member who was involved from the beginning talked of a great friendship built over many years and others spoke of similar experiences.


In spite of all the efforts previously made to involve schools some felt that they were looking for exchanges with more exotic places than France and Germany, It was felt that, despite lack of success to date a concerted effort should be made to engage the secondary schools.

It was suggested that approaching the schools through their governing bodies might be more successful than approaching head teachers. It would be good to let the schools know of the successful event that was organised for a group of students from Thiers by St Peter’s school in Wolverhampton, ably assisted by committee members. Enthusiasm might be engendered if the schools received feedback from some of the students who visited.


The aspect of Music as a successful shared Twinning experience was highlighted although Bridgnorth needs to have a more established way of funding Festivals locally as the welcome in Schrobenhausen and Thiers is always so good. There must be other interests as well as music that folks from the three twinned towns share – efforts should be made to explore some other possibilities.


The President brought the very fruitful discussion to a close and the meeting moved on to the formal business.



5. Treasurer’s Report and adoption of Accounts (Copy attached)


K Marshall presented the accounts which had been prepared by K Hunt.


Adoption of the accounts was proposed by H Howell, seconded by D Seipel and agreed by all.


It was proposed by H Howell, seconded by D Murray and agreed by all that Martin Jones be appointed as Auditor for the year 2015/2016.


6. Election of President.


KM did not wish to continue as President and as this is an Honorary position, and no one else was forthcoming, it was decided not to fill it at the moment.



7. Election of committee

J Leman conducted the election of new officers and committee members.


Mike Proudman offered to be Chairman for the coming year.

This was seconded by D Seipel and all voted in favour.


Brett Myors was willing to be Vice Chairman,

All voted in favour.


Secretary: Nicky Cooper. Proposed by J Leman; Seconded by V Gill. All in favour.

Treasurer: K Hunt. Proposed by Val Gill; Seconded by J Leman. All in favour.


Committee: R Burkey, R Dunham, H Howell, L Macdonald, D Seipel, A Wilson.

V Gill to continue as Council rep.

8. Any other business.

H Howell expressed thanks to all the outgoing committee for all they had done. K Marshall particularly

expressed thanks to J Leman and V Gill for their work as Chairman and Secretary.


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