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Posted by Bridgnorth Twinning on August 7, 2017 at 5:55 AM
Celebration of 30 years Partnership between Schrobenhausen and Thiers, and the 40th anniversary year for the Schrannenfest trade organisation.


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Posted by Bridgnorth Twinning on November 24, 2015 at 7:30 AM

The 2016 Thiers Twin Towns Festival is organised to take place from
the 8th to 11th July during "La Pamparina". Thiers' annual street music
Festival, featuring all styles of music by professional musicians, is a
major national attraction.

The Twinning committee is planning to organise a trip to Thiers by either
a weekend visit flying from Birmingham, or a five day coach trip, including
en route hotel accommodation, for a minimum group of twenty travellers.

Host families are organised for your weekend accommodation or you can
book and pay for a hotel room. If you choose the Hotel accommodation then,
due to the large number of visitors at the Music Festival, the Thiers Jumelage
Committee need your booking early.

Please contact secretary Nicky on: [email protected] 
or phone: 01746 762487

For further details on "La Pamparina" visit:

Continued Friendship

Posted by Bridgnorth Twinning on November 10, 2015 at 7:40 AM

The Association of Twinning Organisations pre-dates the European Union and is not politically motivated. It was set up in 1947 to promote friendship and harmony amongst nations, and twinning links have been made between most countries of the world. Bridgnorth's town twinning relationships with its partner towns of Thiers, France and Schrobenhausen, Germany are enshrined in charters signed by the respective mayors and town clerks.


Since the beginning of twinning in Bridgnorth thirty-six years ago, when six coaches, packed with three hundred residents, including a coach loaded with the Sealed Knot Militia from Worcester and their armour many strong friendships have been forged between the three Twin Towns that exist today.


Both Thiers and Schrobenhausen have geographical similarities with Bridgnorth. Both towns are positioned in rural areas surrounded by beautiful countryside, within easy access to other interesting and historic towns, including cities such as Munich, or Nuremburg, in Germany, and Clermont Ferrand, or Lyon, in France.


Schrobenhausen has a fine railway complex and friendships have already been made between rail enthusiasts, including two that have attics brimming with rare model railways. It is the main German town for the cultivation of Spargel (white asparagus). The town wall and moat date back to the 15th century.


Thiers is a vibrant town that, as Bridgnorth, has a medieval history, with a similar “low” and “high” town structure. It was the centre of cutlery manufacture for Europe and a number of factories still exist along the slopes of the Durolle river valley. As Bridgnorth, the manufacturing base has been replaced by tourism. However, you can still see the medieval architecture and visit the cutlery factories on board a small tourist train.


Twinning is no different to many organisations that are faced with non participation on the society’s committee, however that does not reflect the many personal and group friendships that exist with the Twin Towns and continue on an independent basis. I would suggest that a friendship that has lasted for thirty-six years has “stood the test of time”!


As with most things you are rewarded by the effort you are prepared to put in!


M. C. Proudman



Posted by Bridgnorth Twinning on October 19, 2015 at 7:25 AM

Schrobenhausen Web-site:

Thiers Web-site:


Posted by Bridgnorth Twinning on October 19, 2015 at 7:10 AM

Bridgnorth & District Twinning Association



10th September to 15th September 2010


The Vivaldi Weekend, in Bridgnorth, was the result of a long standing arrangement with the three Twinning Partners, to perform Vivaldi’s choral works in each of the three Twin Towns. The idea was the dream of Prof. Paulette Tampere, Musical Director of the Point D’Orgue Choral, in Thiers. Last year we performed the Magnificat in Thiers and the previous year there had been a performance of the Gloria.


One of the challenges, there were many, was to find enough Singers to provide the basis of a large Choir. Fortunately, Dr. John Turnock agreed to share this challenge and choral rehearsals were arranged at St. Mary’s Church. The response was encouraging and over the twelve weeks of rehearsals, leading up to the Music Weekend, the Bridgnorth Choir grew from a core of thirty to fifty eight voices, adding to the thirty members of the Thiers Choir.


Arrangements were made for Host Families, Hotel accommodation, Coaches and, in order to reduce costs, the use of the Bridgnorth Community Bus to transport the Arsatius Consort to and from the Airport and Concert venues.


Friday 12th September was the first Concert, in St Laurence’s Church, Ludlow, coincidentally also the start of the Ludlow Food Festival, so a visit was included in the Weekend’s agenda. The Arsatius Consort played a number of Vivaldi’s compositions and the Choir performed the Vivaldi “Gloria”.


There was a Coffee Concert on Saturday morning for the Arsatius Consort at Acton Round Church and Hall by arrangement with Sue and Hew Kennedy. In spite of a lower than expected Audience, the music of five Baroque Composers was enthusiastically received, encouraging the quintet to add an encore.


The Concert at St Mary’s Church, Bridgnorth, commenced at 7pm, to a packed audience and was very well appreciated by everyone. Following the concert over 140 visitors and participants were invited to a Banquet at the Baptist Church. As the wine flowed, the evening concluded with musical entertainment from all sections of the Choir and Orchestra.


On Sunday, a section of the Bridgnorth Choir, with the Thiers Choral, sang at the morning service in St. Mary’s Church.


All the visitors expressed there thanks for a wonderful weekend, in particular to musical director John Turnock and twinning committee secretary Lindy Macdonald for the time spent in organising the event.


New friendships were made and old friendships were re-enforced by this special social occasion.



Posted by Bridgnorth Twinning on October 19, 2015 at 7:00 AM

Link to Schrobenhausen Partnerschaft Web-site:

Bridgnorth Twinning AGM

Posted by Bridgnorth Twinning on October 17, 2015 at 7:15 AM



Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in College House Annexe, St Leonard’s Close on Thursday 15th October, 2015 at 8.00pm


Jenny Leman gave a welcome to all present.


1. Apologies had been received from J & K Hunt and A Wilson


2. Chairman’s Report (attached)

While Jenny was able to celebrate many positive aspects of the year, she also highlighted that the way ahead for Twinning was not clear due to the difficulty of attracting committee members in general but particularly because, as she spoke, there was no one in line to take on the chairmanship.



3. Minutes of the AGM held on 25th September 2014 at 8pm.

These were taken as read.

Adoption of the minutes was proposed by D Seipel, seconded by H Edwards and agreed by all.



4. The Future of Twinning.

Our President, Keith Marshal,l introduced a time of discussion by posing a number of questions.

What is Twinning about? What does it do? What does it mean to people?

What are we trying to achieve?


Comments were then invited and a wide ranging, interesting discussion followed.

The need for more publicity was stressed and a number of approaches were aired:

1. A regular feature in the local paper should be sought,

2. More use could be made of noticeboards.

3. There is potential for using the Town Council website.

4. An informative leaflet could be produced and either posted through doors or given to people at a market stall for example.. In particular it was felt the Continental Markets that happen from time to time would be excellent opportunities for sharing the Twinning message..

Several comments were made about a Twinning visit being quite different from simply travelling abroad as a tourist. Sharing life with local people and their different ways of doing things is an enriching experience worth sharing. One member who was involved from the beginning talked of a great friendship built over many years and others spoke of similar experiences.


In spite of all the efforts previously made to involve schools some felt that they were looking for exchanges with more exotic places than France and Germany, It was felt that, despite lack of success to date a concerted effort should be made to engage the secondary schools.

It was suggested that approaching the schools through their governing bodies might be more successful than approaching head teachers. It would be good to let the schools know of the successful event that was organised for a group of students from Thiers by St Peter’s school in Wolverhampton, ably assisted by committee members. Enthusiasm might be engendered if the schools received feedback from some of the students who visited.


The aspect of Music as a successful shared Twinning experience was highlighted although Bridgnorth needs to have a more established way of funding Festivals locally as the welcome in Schrobenhausen and Thiers is always so good. There must be other interests as well as music that folks from the three twinned towns share – efforts should be made to explore some other possibilities.


The President brought the very fruitful discussion to a close and the meeting moved on to the formal business.



5. Treasurer’s Report and adoption of Accounts (Copy attached)


K Marshall presented the accounts which had been prepared by K Hunt.


Adoption of the accounts was proposed by H Howell, seconded by D Seipel and agreed by all.


It was proposed by H Howell, seconded by D Murray and agreed by all that Martin Jones be appointed as Auditor for the year 2015/2016.


6. Election of President.


KM did not wish to continue as President and as this is an Honorary position, and no one else was forthcoming, it was decided not to fill it at the moment.



7. Election of committee

J Leman conducted the election of new officers and committee members.


Mike Proudman offered to be Chairman for the coming year.

This was seconded by D Seipel and all voted in favour.


Brett Myors was willing to be Vice Chairman,

All voted in favour.


Secretary: Nicky Cooper. Proposed by J Leman; Seconded by V Gill. All in favour.

Treasurer: K Hunt. Proposed by Val Gill; Seconded by J Leman. All in favour.


Committee: R Burkey, R Dunham, H Howell, L Macdonald, D Seipel, A Wilson.

V Gill to continue as Council rep.

8. Any other business.

H Howell expressed thanks to all the outgoing committee for all they had done. K Marshall particularly

expressed thanks to J Leman and V Gill for their work as Chairman and Secretary.