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                                     TWINNING AGM 2020

Members and residents of Bridgnorth, Highley, and the surrounding area are invited to attend the Bridgnorth & District Twinning Association's AGM, to be held in Bridgnorth Council Offices Annex, St Leonard's Close, on Thursday 8th October commencing at 7-30pm. 

                         THURSDAY 8th OCTOBER 2020

                          Bridgnorth Council Office's Annex

                                 7-30pm to 9 pm

Dear Members,

We would like to inform you of the AGM for the Bridgnorth and District Twinning Association will be held on the 8th of October in the Annex building of the Town Council office. Social distancing protocol will be in place. Facilities for ensuring safe distancing and hand hygiene will be provided. We would recommend face covering to comply with current government guidelines. If you have any issues for discussion, please contact the chairman at [email protected].

We had so many activities planned for this year as a way of getting to know each other on a local level. Unfortunately, we were denied this opportunity due to the ongoing pandemic. The outcome from the meeting will be sent via email. Please continue to stay safe and well


Many thanks


(Event Planner)

A new Thiers Town Council:

Claude Nowotny:

A tribute to Jean-Paul Duchet:  

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                                               THIERS JUMELAGE FESTIVAL  2019
Thiers International Twinning Festival held during the Pamparina International Music Weekend.
                                                                  Thiers Industrial Heritage Tour
                                           Landscape Painting in the grounds of Thiers Chateau
                                                                   Picnic in the Park

                                      BRIDGNORTH TWINNING FESTIVAL  2018


       Bridgnorth's deputy mayor, councillor Jean Onions, presenting a painted replica model of Trevithick's Engine, (built in Bridgnorth in 1808), to the mayor of Thiers, Claude Nowotny, in recognition of the friendship between the two towns.


     The Bridgnorth & District Twinning Association's president, Lindy Macdonald, presenting a framed photograph of Bridgnorth to the burgermeister of Schrobenhausen, Karlheinz Stephan, in recognition of the friendship between the two towns.

                                       Replica model of Richard Trevithick's first passenger paying Steam Engine, built in Bridgnorth in 1808.

The model was designed and cast in aluminium by Grainger & Worrall in their foundry at the Stanmore Business Park, Bridgnorth, July 2018.

                                            THREE TWIN TOWNS


41 years ago, six coach loads, filled with 300 of our residents, arrived in Thiers, in the beautiful Auvergne region of France, to witness the signing of our first twinning charter in 1978. Ten years later, Thiers introduced us to their Bavarian twin town,Schrobenhausen, resulting in a ceremony in Bridgnorth, in 1992, to complete the triangle of towns that we have today.

Bridgnorth's town twinning relationships with its partner towns in France and Germany are enshrined in charters signed by the respective mayors and town clerks.

THIERS, AUVERGNE, FRANCE                                           Charter Signed 1978                                  

Thiers is a medieval town built upon a hillside along the Durolle river valley. The steep elevation splits the town into distinct high town and low town areas, with historic houses notable in the old quarter of high town.

Thiers is famous for its knives, blades and cutlery industry. The town has a museum in the old quarter, portraying the history of knife-making. Further along the valley is the industrial heritage museum, l'Usine du May, opened in 2009. Modern factories include Forges Gorce who make blades for agricultural machinery from hedge trimmers to combine harvesters. 

     SCHROBENHAUSEN, BAVARIA, GERMANY                                   Charter Signed 1992

     Schrobenhausen is situated on the river Paar, approx. 25 kilometres southwest of Ingolstadt, 35        kilometres northeast of Augsburg, and 75 kilometres northwest of Munich. 


     “Scropinhusun”, the houses of Scropo, was first mentioned in a document around 790. Since              1310 Schrobenhausen has been a market town and in1447 the town charter was granted to              Schrobenhausen. Between 1971 and 1978 the former independent municipalities Steingriff,                Hörzhausen, Sandizell und Mühlried were incorporated into Schrobenhausen.

     Rampart and Town Fortifications: Many parts of the town wall, the former town fortifications, which can still be seen today, date back to the first half of the 15th century. Later on, the towers of the town fortification were changed into flats for civil servants.

     Schranne: Schranne is the name of the market, which was once held on the market place, and is incorporated into the name of the annual Festival, "Schrannenfest" which celebrated the end of the Spargel (white asparagus) season. Schrobenhausen is the centre for Spargel production.


1) Bridgnorth Schools painting Banners for "Thiers Ville Haute En Couleurs" project   theme : "Behind The Door"  "Deceive The Eye". March - May 2019. Participating schools: St Leonard's Primary School and Highley Primary School.

2) Thiers Jumelage  Festival. July

3) Thiers Ville Haute En Couleurs: June to October 2019. Street display of 70 Banners.

4) Bridgnorth Twinning AGM. October 2019

5) Three Towns annual committee meeting, November 2019